World Class Infrastructure

Campus buildings in the R.E.D. school, Chhuchhakwas are established in regions surrounded by lush greenery thus crafting an educationally enriching environment. Buildings are in compliance with the latest safety norms and are built to withstand natural calamities such as earthquakes. Each campus is home to spacious classes, smart classes with digital facilities, playgrounds, sports grounds, and special “Kids Zones”. In order to monitor student activities, and heighten security at each campus, video surveillance is installed in each building.

  • R.E.D. School, Chhuchhakwas has a big campus consisting of separate buildings for Montessori, Secondary and Senior Secondary classes and separate Hostel buildings for Boys & Girls.
  • School has spacious, airy classrooms furnished with suitable furniture, lighting arrangements and other infrastructure.
  • It has 24 hours uninterrupted power supply.
  • It has vast lush green lawns and playground.
  • It has a peaceful natural environment far from the urban disturbances.

Meet Technology, the presiding member of the R.E.D. classrooms. We have been thriving in fetching technology to our classrooms through tie ups with various companies. There are audio-visual aids and Smart Assessment System (SAS) devices, which help take a smart test by means of a personal remote and know their marks and mistakes immediately after the test. These allow students to interact with the lesson content while allowing teachers to integrate a range of resources with their lessons.

A school library fosters the enhancement of life-long learning capabilities and love for reading in the students. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources.

In the true sense a resource hub for any institution and we have tried to develop ours in the best possible manner. Our Library is bright and airy, and filled with a variety of literature, including literary masterpieces, encyclopedias, reference books, magazines, journals and daily newspapers.

The library at the R.E.D. school, Chhuchhakwas is completely computerized and accessible to all students.

The R.E.D. school, Chhuchhakwas is located in a serene locale surrounded by lush greenery making it the perfect environment for an educational institution. All the buildings are in compliance with the latest safety norms. Spacious classrooms, smart digital classes, playgrounds and sports facilities and special Kids Zones are just a few of the many facilities provided. There is total CCTV surveillance and 24X7 power back-up at our campus. All kinds of modern equipment is provided in the laboratories and all facilities are constantly upgraded. Our infrastructural strength truly is the basis for our quality education.

The sports complex at the Chhuchhakwas campus is the place of transformation and the nerve centres of all activities. In addition to general physical development, it is here that students learn to become performers, achievers, decision makers and leaders. The different sports offered are Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Swimming, Chess, Aerobics, Athletics, Judo, Yoga, Lawn Tennis, Football, Kabbadi and Boxing.

Safe and reliable transport is provided to the day scholars with a fleet of more than 50 buses, which cover all major routes within a radius of 20 kilometers in 3 districts. The drivers are well-trained, trustworthy and punctual, and all the buses are equipped with CCTV camera, fire-extinguishers, first-aid kits and speed governors. Road safety is the top priority at R.E.D. Sr. Sec. School, Chhuchhakwas .

  • Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls
  • Nourishing Meals
  • Medical Check Up
  • Recreation Halls
  • Evening Classes
  • Laundry Facility
  • Educational Trips

The R.E.D. Society first offered residential facility at the Chhuchhakwas campus in 1996 and the resident community has grown over the years to 600 members. The girls and boys are accommodated in separate hostels, managed by separate wardens. Spacious and well-furnished rooms, dining halls and recreational halls make for a lifelong relishing & very comfortable living experience. The boarding students are well cared for with nourishing meals, evening classes and recreational trips so that the hostel becomes a nurturing and comforting heaven.

Scientific temper is cultivated in each child through exploration, observation & discovery. A hands-on approach is adopted at all developmental stages leading to conceptual understanding and evolution of an inquisitive and analytical mind. For this, various well-maintained laboratories with latest equipments and technologies are at the students’ disposal in R.E.D. School Chhuchhakwas.


Analysing theorems and understanding concepts.


Experiments teach better than books.


Learning life through the microscope

1) The Language Laboratory

Designed to make teaching English an effortless and interactive experience, the language laboratory enhances the listening, comprehension and speaking skills of each student.

2) The Science Laboratory

In order to enrich students’ understanding of the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology, science laboratories are essential to any school. The science laboratory is well equipped, with all the apparatus and materials necessary for kinaesthetic learning.

3) The Computer Laboratory

Computer studies are a compulsion from Class I to Class X, and optional after that, as it is imperative for students to be aware of technological developments and changes in today’s digital era. Our computer laboratories are fully equipped with the latest systems, along with updated software.

4) The Mathematics Laboratory:

Intended to serve in making Mathematics an easy and enjoyable subject, the mathematics laboratory is designed to learn and verify concepts and theorems through a variety of concepts and theorems.

5) The Social Science Laboratory

Packed with project work, outdoor classes and experimentation, the social science laboratory assists students in understanding the social sciences better, and reduces teaching through the monotony of textbook teaching.

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